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Whats is fatwood and why is it such a game changer? 

Fatwood is an all-natural, 100% organic, chemical-free and environmentally friendly fire starter made from the stumps of dead pine wood. Fatwood differs from other kindling products in that it is waterproof, ignites faster and maintains a sustained flame for longer. 

What makes fatwood water-repellent and burn so incredibly well is the high concentration of naturally occurring resin in the wood which other hardwoods such as cedar do not have. This resin is naturally produced within the tree and over time collects and hardens at the base of the tree. When the tree dies or is naturally felled by lighting or storms, the stumps are split and harvested to create fatwood.

Here we list the top 4 benefits of fatwood as a firestarter.

1. Fatwood is naturally water resistant

The highly concentrated resin within fatwood has natural water-repelling properties. This alone makes fatwood a superior fuel of choice for obvious reasons. Although one should ideally store their fatwood in a dry and safe place, unlike other common kindling, fatwood will still light even if exposed to moisture. This makes it the fuel of choice due to its reliability no matter the weather conditions.

No more struggling with getting a fire started in the damp and snow! Going on an outdoor adventure canoeing, kayaking or hiking, with a high chance of getting wet? Just bring along some fatwood and you will have your cozy camp fire blazing in no time!

2. Fatwood is 100% natural and chimical free 

A huge drawing point of fatwood and the reason it is gaining so much traction is that it is an eco-friendly and 100% natural product. The highly flammable nature of the natural resin in the wood means absolutely no chemicals or propellants are needed to make it burn. It is the healthier and more environmentally friendly choice over chemical fire starters and many brands of charcoal and kindling as it does not release noxious chemicals into the air.

When burning, the smoke emitted from fatwood can appear quite dark, but do not be alarmed! The smoke is non-toxic and is dark due to the resin content in the wood.

3. Fatwood is easy to light. Only 2 sticks aree- needed! 

Fatwood is extremely flammable and lights very quickly. It maintains a sustainable flame that requires very little attention compared to other natural options. The flame holds up to wind and water and burns very hot, quickly igniting the rest of the wood or charcoal on your fire.

Only 2 or 3 standard size fatwood sticks in the centre of your kindling are needed to get a fire blazing in no time. Your supply will last you a good amount of time, and also save you a good amount of time! No more struggling with rolled up newspaper and cardboard or other natural firestarters that just will NOT burn the way you need it to.

4. Fatwood is sustainable and environmentally friendly 

Most fatwood, like the Wintercocoon fatwood, is responsibly and sustainably harvested. No live trees or rainforests are harmed in the harvest of this product. The fatwood is collected from the stumps of trees that are either already dead, have been felled naturally due to storms or wind, or have been felled by sustainable timber felling industries. The resin-rich fatwood is harvested from the stumps of the felled trees, which also aids in renewing the timber forest floors to encourage reforestation.

Start using fatwood as your firestarter of choice today! 

There is no questioning why fatwood is quickly becoming the fire starter of choice across the globe. There are simply no downsides to consider. As we move toward a more environment-conscious way of life and strive to reduce our carbon foot print, switching out our chemical fire starters with this all natural, eco-friendly product is one way we can start to make a difference.


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