Chimney Cleaning Kit (8 metres)

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If you have a fireplace or a wood heater you know how important it is to keep your chimney clean. A once difficult job for a homeowner is now made safer and easier with the Chimney Cleaning Kit.

The Chimney Cleaning Kit gives you everything you need to clean and maintain your fireplace or wood heater chimney with professional results.

The spinning chimney whip removes dangerous soot and creosote buildup better than a traditional brush. Its unique “trim to fit” design makes it a “one size fits all” power cleaning tool. No more guessing what size brush to use.

It effectively cleans fireplace and wood heater flues of all sizes and shapes (round/square/rectangle and oval). All from the bottom up without stepping foot on a ladder and it won’t damage metal flues like a steel chimney brush.

  • SAVE HUNDREDS OF $$$$ PER CLEANING: Don’t pay a professional service $250 per cleaning when you can buy the Chimney Cleaning Kit and clean dozens of times for a fraction of the price.
  • NO MORE CLIMBING TALL LADDERS: Now you can clean your chimney from the bottom up, within the comfort of your own home.
  • DRILL-POWERED FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS: Attaches to any 18+ volt drill to blast through caked-on creosote with ease. Get professional results at a fraction of the price.
  • CLEAN ALL FLUE TYPES AND SIZES LIKE A PRO: Helps prevent chimney fires by removing build up at every turn. Simply trim the brush head with scissors to fit any wood burning heater pipe.
  1. Simply assemble the cleaning brush to the rods (up to 8 metres!). The Nylon Brush is made for small, large and different types of chimney shapes.
  2. Put them into the chimney and attach the other hand to the drill
  3. Brush the chimney walls until the top
  4. Wait 30 to 45 minutes and remove all the large remaining debris that may have fallen and clean the remaining dust.
  5. Now you’re good to go to enjoy many warm and safe fires!
  • Rods: 8 x 1 metre
  • Brush head diameter: 6 cm
  • Brush diameter: up to 44 cm
  • 8 x 1 meter flexible nylon rods
  • 1 nylon brush
  • 1 drill adaptator
  • 1 Allen Key
  • 1 reusable store bag

'How flexible are the rods, are they more flexible than the regular rods?'

They are extremely flexible and work well in 99% of the applications. They can also make a 90° angle.

'Will this work on a pellet heater insert chimney?'

Yes, it does. You can trim the nylon brush head +/- 1" longer than your heater pipe.

'Will it work on glazed on creosote?'

We do not recommended it for glazed creosote.

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