Black Beauty Cast Iron Stove Polish

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Black Beauty Cast Iron Stove Polish not only prevents flaking, rusting and pitting, but it can also be used to restore the beauty of unpainted and old cast iron wood heaters and stoves. Formulated to protect that new, black satin finish, Black Beauty Cast Iron Stove Polish is a high-quality black stove polish which forms a strong, hard-wearing bond to the metal. The non-hazardous formula is quick and safe to use.

Black Beauty Cast Iron Stove Polish Formulated to restore that brand new, black satin finish
  • Formulated to restore that brand new, black satin finish
  • Prevents flaking and rusting
  • Strong hard wearing bond
  • Non-Hazardous – quick and safe to use
  • Heat resistant to 500°C
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Australian made and owned
  • Available size: 200mL
  • Weight 0.29 kg
  • Dimensions 4.9 × 4.9 × 18.4 cm
  1. Clean loose dirt, rust and soot from the stove with a stiff brush.
  2. Rub Stove Polish well into cold stove.
  3. Ensure an even coverage and remove any excess. Immediately heat stove to harden polish.
  4. Ensure the room is well ventilated, as smoke will appear (typically 5-10 minutes).
  5. Once cool, polish with an old cloth until stove is shiny.

Does Black Beauty Cast Iron Stove Polish contain Graphite?


Can the Black Beauty Cast Iron Stove Polish be used on a potbelly stove that has previously been painted with black high temperature paint?

It is best to either choose paint or polish and stick with that indefinitely.

How long do I let the fire burn?

Until the Black Beauty Cast Iron Stove Polish has stopped smoking.

I have a Saxon wood heater – can this product be used on this type of heater?

We recommend to use our New Coat High Temperature Paint so long as it can be heat cured as per instructions.

Can I use this on my cast iron fire place?

Yes, so long as you are confident the entire surface will heat evenly. The formula contains water so any uncured polish can encourage rust on the surface over-time.

Can I use this product on a stainless steel fire place?

Cast Iron and Stainless Steel have different varies of heat conduction, materials and surface finishes. Cast Iron is a hard grey metal with a carbon content from 2% to 4% where as Stainless Steel is an iron-carbon alloy containing less than 0.25%. As this product needs to be heat cured the reason it is made for Cast Iron is that it is a better heat conductor with a higher thermal diffusivity, whereas Stainless Steel takes much longer to conduct heat from the surface. If you were desperate to polish your fireplace we recommend it be a Mild Steel only – never Stainless Steel. The finish on the Mild Steel will also need to be etched for the formula to stick to.

How quickly after I apply the polish do I have to start a fire?

Fairly quickly as this product will air dry and you want to start the curing process before that can happen.

  • Australia only: (2 to 5 business days).

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